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Merkuriusz Polski dzieje wszystkiego świata w sobie zamykający dla informacji pospolitej. Od 3 stycznia 1661.
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17. król Wandalii, zm. ok. 486 r.

The Seventeenth King of the VANDALS - WISILAUS II succeeded his father Fredebald in the kingdom of the Vandals on the Baltic This nation whose power had risen to so high a pitch in Germany began now to feel the natural instability of all human governments Their territories were gradually contracted and they were obliged to draw back to their old limits between the Elbe and the Vistula This revolution was owing to their own frequent migrations and to the incursions of the Saxons Franks and Thuringians. The name of this prince seems to give ground for a suspicion that he was rather of Venedic than Vandalic extraction and according to some modern writers f the Venedi began to settle in this country in 451 before the death of Fredebald i but this is contradicted by others J It is however most probable that the Vandalic kingdom did not come to a period so early though the Slavi or Venedi had already begun to intermix with that nation. Wiflau is said to have died in 486 and his wife to have been Adolla the daughter of a Saxon king. (Thomas Nugent, The History of Vandalia)




The History Of Vandalia: Containing The Ancient And Present State ... - Tom 1 - Strona 130 - -
Thomas Nugent - 1766